zine, 5x7, ink on paper, digital, 32pages

This is a story about me, and many others like me, who have not had their dreams come true.    

The comic is a self-reflecting story about gender and race representation in the world’s most popular mainstream media: Hollywood movies. Movies have been and are still one of the most popular media that fascinates people all over the world. However, even though films are internationally watched by a large number of people, the featured characters in certain types of genres, including noir and action films are limited in gender and race to white males. As a visual artist who is a social minority, a queer Asian woman in the United States, I want my work to break the stereotypes.

By transforming the main characters of such cult movies as Harry Potter, The Godfather, and James Bond, into Asian female characters, I have broken the stereotypes of gender and race.

I want everyone to dream of being a leading character of his, her or their life as I am finally living my dream.

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